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GOLD LOAN -Highlights


What is Gold?

* Precious Metal

* Universal symbol of status, wealth and power

* Highly valued since ancient times

* Continuously increasing price with increased consumption

* World's 40% Gold consumption is in India

* High liquidity can immediately fetch you cash

* Inherited sentiments / passed from one generation to another/ feeling of belongingness.

What is a Gold Loan ?

A Gold loan is sanctioned by accepting the gold ornaments of the customer as pledge. Gold loan or loan against gold is a secured loan in which a customer pledges his/her gold ornaments as collateral with a gold loan company and the company in turn gives a loan amount considering the market value of gold to the customer. It is a very quick and easy way of fulfilling one's financial needs as compared to the other kinds of loans.

Why Gold Loan? (Gold Loan Vs. Selling Gold)

* Ask yourself a question “Will you get value for your money by selling gold?”

* Certainly not, 20% deduction or 10 % deduction at least would be made

* Lack of purity with time. Old gold is likely to be more pure than the one available these days (due to prevalent malpractices)

* Increased cost to be borne on acquiring/ buying back the same gold due to further increased costs and making charges / polishing etc. that too on a higher side

* Loss of inherent sentimental / emotional value on selling. Attachment Factor (memories / gift / design)

* If you need cash, don't sell your gold – always exercise the option of loan.

Why should I take a Gold Loan from SFPL?


The advantages of taking gold loan from SFPL include -

* Minimal paper work and documentation

* Very low processing time (few minutes) Instant disbursal of loan

* Zero processing fee

* Low Interest Rate starts from one percent (1%)

* No valuation Charges

* Nomination facility available

* Assured security of gold Jewellery

* Maximum value of Loan

* Part release facility

* Part Payment facility

* Initial tenure of twelve months can further be extended

Interest is charged only for the number of days the loan amount is utilized (minimum 7 days) on reducing balance.


* Photo

* Photo ID

* Address Proof

* Nominee Photo (Optional)





Am I eligible to avail a gold loan?

Any person salaried/non-salaried/self-employed/student of 18 years of age or above having gold purity of18 karat or above with ownership rights is eligible to avail a gold loan from us.

Do I need to provide any documents to avail a gold loan?

A proof of identification in the form of Voter's ID/PAN/Passport/Driving license and a proof of address would be required to avail a gold loan from us.

What is the maximum loan amount that I can take?

You can avail a maximum loan of up to 60% of the market value of your gold. Market value of your gold is calculated according to the per gram market rate of gold on the day of loan application with no ceiling on maximum amount.

How is the Market Value of my gold jewellery / ornaments calculated?

Market value of your gold is calculated according to the per gram market rate of gold on the day of loan application. Only the gold part of ornament /jewellery is used for gold weight calculations; other metals and stones or gems studded on the ornament/jewellery are excluded from the calculations.

How long does it take to avail a gold loan?

The total process of loan disbursal gets over in a few minutes if the customer provides all the requirements. Once the customer pledges the gold ornaments and submits the required documents, our staff does all the required paperwork and disburses the loan as quickly as possible.

What is the processing fee involved to avail such a loan?

No processing fee is involved in availing such a loan.

What is the guarantee of safety of my ornaments/jewellery pledged with SFPL?

Gold ornaments pledged by you are secured in a fire and burglary proof vault in our Gold Loan branch. Besides, the branch is under electronic surveillance and guarded by security all the time. Moreover, the pledged ornaments are covered by insurance. So your gold is completely safe with us.

 Can I foreclose my loan account / can I close my loan account before its tenure? What are the charges involved in such a case?

Yes, you have an option to foreclose your account where you can pay-back the loan amount before it's tenure and release your gold from the branch. No extra charges are involved in such foreclosure apart from normal interest rates till the date of foreclosure. However, a minimum interest of seven days will be charged in case you wish to foreclose your account before seven days of the date of availing the gold loan.

Can I make part payment of my loan amount?

Yes, you can make a part payment where you can pay-back a part of the total loan amount. Here, you will get an advantage of future interest being charged only on the balance principal amount left after part-payment. Moreover, you may choose to release a part of your gold ornaments/jewellery as per the amount of loan paid back.

Can I have the facility of part release of my gold?

Yes, you can part release your gold but you would have to pay-back a part of the loan amount as per the value of gold to be released.

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